Gainsborough, the Country’s Capital

by | 6 November 2018 | Community Focus, Gainsborough

Our town has one of the country’s best-preserved manor houses from the medieval times. Not many people know that Gainsborough itself was the country’s capital back in 1013. The Old hall was built between the years of 1460 and 1480 and after inheriting the building in 1455, Thomas Burgh became known as the first Lord Burgh.

The walls were believed to have been assembled out of a timber framework originally before being encased by bricks, during a period where brick was a view of displaying wealth and high status.
Henry the Eighth and his wife at the time, Catherine Howard, both visited the Old Hall in 1541.

In 2018, the Old Hall is still standing and is used for history tours, events such as wedding ceremonies and even beer festivals take place. There is a cafe and some lovely gardens with abundant opportunities for photography (especially during the winter when things are covered in snow). The All Saints parish church is only a few minutes’ walk away and the town’s library is opposite the hall. Here is a photo that I took of the Hall.

I used Snapseed for the special effect and filter of the photo also I had added a bit of drama as you can see in the clouds. Go out and discover your town, you never know what you might find!
Tom Ellis