Back to work

by | 7 November 2019 | Gainsborough, Hobbies

Snappers is a friendly, social group of like-minded people whose shared interest is photography. For many years meetings were held in Gainsborough but they have recently moved to The Willow Works at Beckingham. It is a self-help group where members share their skills. Each week they take samples of their work to the meetings on a set topic and everyone comments. This critique helps members to see the faults they maybe didn’t notice when they pressed the shutter and to improve their photography and printing. It certainly drives up standards in a friendly and supportive way.

The group enjoy practical events where they all help each other. This summer they trialled meeting up for photo shoots. This was a great success and they visited several interesting places.

Members sent in their best photos from each week and they had an excellent meeting looking at the results. Members voted for their favourite shot from each week picked an overall favourite from these. This was Alan Pinder’s ‘The Old Mess Room’ taken at Clumber.

Regular meetings at Beckingham have resumed. The group welcomes anyone interested in improving their photography. Visitors and guests are encouraged to see if it feels right for them. There is a modest meeting fee to cover costs and includes refreshments.

Weekly meetings are held at The Willow Works, 51 Old Trent Road, Beckingham DN10 4PY, on Friday afternoons between 1.30pm and 3.30pm unless they are on a field trip. For more information and to check where they are meeting please see