Alice Aktinson turns 105

by | 1 May 2017 | Community Focus, Gainsborough

At the beginning of April, Alice Atkinson, a resident at North Warren House in Gainsborough, turned 105 years old and she wanted to find a way of saying a huge thank you to all the family and friends that made her day very special.

Alice is well-loved at North Warren and has given a lot back to her community over the years, winning the Citizen of the Year award for Gainsborough a few years ago. She wants to say thank you to Noreen and Kerry and everyone for their hard work in putting on such a wonderful party to celebrate her 105th birthday and also thanks to everyone for the cards and presents and good wishes.

Alice has always been a very independent person, not letting the sad passing of her husband get her down, and she worked in a charity shop and was an active member of Gainsborough House. Alice only moved into residential care after an unfortunate accident at home and the eventual loss of her sight at the age of 102. Always very humble, Alice has a place in the hearts of everyone she meets yet still can’t believe how many people came to her 105th party.