A local landmark

by | 16 November 2023 | Community facility, Gainsborough

Gainsborough Life reader Tom Ellis has been busy out and about with his camera and has taken this beautiful image of All Saints Parish Church, Gainsborough.

An 18th century church with a tower from the 14th century, it stands tall in the town of Gainsborough. It was designed by Francis Smith of Warwick, an architect from the market town of Warwick that lies on the River Avon.

The church itself was rebuilt between the years of 1734-1744 into a classical style of that in the Georgian era. All Saints is under the umbrella of the Lincoln Diocese.

Gainsborough was without a church in 1086 according to the Domesday Book despite it aiding Lincolnshire to be the most populus county in England at the time.

All Saints is a grade 1 listed building and was first listed in 1964.

The church was originally founded by a large organisation of devout Christians called the ‘Knights Templar’. Since then it has been rebuilt twice, once mentioned above, and was rebuilt for the first time before 1736. In 1862, it went under some improvements.

After the second rebuild, the church opened for its worship in September 1744.

Inside the church has the Florentine copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ painting in the sector of the church that’s semi-circular.