10 things employers say to mislead people about their rights

by | 12 September 2017 | Citizens Advice, Gainsborough

Asking people to become self-employed if they want to keep their jobs or telling agency staff they don’t have a legal right to sick pay are just some of the things employers say to find ways around people’s rights at work, Citizens Advice West Lindsey can reveal.

All employees are entitled to basic rights such as national minimum wage, sick pay, holiday pay and fair treatment during pregnancy. However, issues such as contract types and unclear employment status can leave workers unsure about what they’re entitled to, and allow unscrupulous employers to find ways of depriving them of pay and protections.

10 things your boss shouldn’t say
If you hear any of these, get advice:

  • You work for us, but you’ll need to pay your own national insurance contributions
  • We can’t afford to pay you any more — you’ll have to go self-employed
  • Your disability means you don’t do as much work as others, so we’re not going to pay you minimum wage
  • You were traveling between clients — so we didn’t pay you for those hours
  • You’re pregnant? Great! But we’re worried you won’t cope so we’re cutting your hours
  • You’re having a baby next year? We’ll need to take you off that important project now.
  • We don’t have to pay you redundancy pay because you’re on a zero hours contract.
  • We need to close for the next two days for stock taking, so you’ll need to take holiday
  • You work through an agency, so you don’t get sick pay
  • We took you off the rota, so we don’t owe you sick pay

Citizens Advice top tips for tackling problems at work: keep evidence, talk to your boss, have a more formal discussion and get advice.