A double bill:

Behind Closed Doors – a short new play created and performed by local young people inspired by Gainsborough Heritage Centre.

A door is opened to reveal stories from the past which connect a group of unlikely friends. They promise to meet at their secret hideaway and in a flash, are transported into a Victorian workhouse, learning that history has a funny way of repeating itself.

Newtopia – created and written by CLIP young people and performed by a professional cast.

The year is 2084 and the world is recovering from a catastrophic war. People desire change, a new dawn, one which offers hope for every citizen; welcome to Newtopia, a self-proclaimed paradise and answer to a million dreams.

Meet Newtopian native Jhone, female, 19: a model citizen, looking to connect. But when she does so with Cesar, a charasmatic young lawyer, she is forced to question not just who he is but everything she has ever known.

Is her home really the utopian dream she’s long been led to believe, or is there more to this paradise than meets the eye?

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Event Details

Start Date

June 19, 2024

End Date

June 19, 2024



Event Organiser


Trinity Arts Centre

Venue Address

Trinity Arts Centre, Trinity Street, Gainsborough, DN21 2AL, Lincs

Start Time

07:30 pm

End Time

10:00 pm



Email Address

Phone Number

01427 676655