A Day in the Life of Sherwood and Budby South Forest

A Day in the Life of Sherwood and Budby South Forest

Join Steve for an all-day guided walk of Sherwood Forest and Budby South Forest where you can really to get to know two of the most beautiful habitats in Britain.

The history of these nature reserves runs from the Ice Age to the present day and the best way to take in 11,500 years of history is to spend the entire day with one of our wonderfully knowledgeable guides.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Sherwood and Budby from the end of the Ice Age to the present day, learn about the contrast between the ancient Oak woodland and Heathland habitats and discover how Ancient Oak trees interact and live their lives with their natural neighbours. Learning about these habitats is a brilliant experience and exploring these fantastically beautiful settings will give you a day you will never forget.

There will also be the opportunity for photographers or sketching/Water colour artists to capture their experience, or just enjoy one hour of peaceful solitude with nature. Whether you choose to capture the majesty of nature or simply be a part of it, it is a tremendous way to round out a day filled with wonder.

Please note that as this is an all-day walk that takes you deep into the heart of these reserves, you will need to bring a packed lunch or purchase one from the Visitors Centre.

This walk is aimed towards adults.

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  Sherwood Forest NNR, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9RN
}  October 24, 2021
  Sunday, 10:30 am to 03:30 pm

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